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Apple’s own migration really is Cloudflare Warp

During the day yesterday, Apple unveiled some new features that are coming soon on iOS, and one of them went through the new iCloud+.

Apple’s new iCloud service features the ability for users to activate the VPN system, called “Private Relay,” to ensure more privacy while browsing online. He believed that this system would be a dedicated corporate platform where user data would be passed directly to Apple’s systems.

However, it appears that will not be the case. According to the programmer Jin WoongIt uses Cloudflare Warp’s own paging system at its base. This Cloudflare platform is known for providing a VPN platform that allows users to be more private – however, this platform can also be found for free through the use of Cloudflare apps (although limited to the free version).

cloudflare special warp relay apple

In other words, it appears that Apple has partnered directly with Cloudflare to use the Cloudflare Warp with its new iCloud+ platform, not directly a new custom infrastructure for the company. It would also be important to take this point into account, as this means that user data is sent directly to the Cloudflare platform – and using the service’s platform, not Apple’s.

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