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Apple surprises by bringing important iOS functionality to Macs

Apple surprises by bringing important iOS functionality to Macs

macOS Monterey was revealed on the first day of WWDC 2021, however, not all the new features of the operating system were announced on stage – and early users have just discovered one of the most interesting features.

This is a very convenient function that has been in the iOS operating system for a long time that allows the user to simply and quickly reset the device settings.

On iOS, the process can be done in Settings, simply by going to General > Reset > Delete Content and definitions.

With this, the iPhone (or iPad) returns to factory settings, allowing the user to sell it or give it to others without their data falling into the hands of others.

In macOS Monterey, the option is located in System Preferences and works similarly to iOS or iPadOS.

iOS and macOS are closer

In recent years, Apple has included iOS apps in macOS, as well as bringing some functionality to the Mac that is only on mobile platforms.

With this, the user experience is more standardized which makes it easier for iOS users to operate their Mac without any issues. It should be noted that the new functionality, although included in the first beta, Not active yet.

A step ahead of Windows

In Windows, Windows users already have a similar feature, however, in the case of the Microsoft operating system, when resetting to factory settings, the user ends up losing some update packages.

In macOS Monterey, only settings will be reset to preserve security packages and files Updates that have been installed in the past few days. To learn more about Apple’s new platform, just go to Official Website.

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