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Benfica World Judo Bronze Henri Igutides

Benfica World Judo Bronze Henri Igutides

Lisbon Benfica sports team Henri Igutidze won Portugal’s first medal in World Judo Championship which takes place in Budapest. The athlete took third place in the weight category under 81 kg.

Inserted into poule D, judoka, 21.º Do the rankingI started bypassing Macedonian Nebojsa Gardasevich, in the golden degree, by wazari; I followed Moldovan Nikon Zaporozhye, who lost to Benfica at the hands of Ebon, having also scored a ministerial; German Dominic Russell (10.º Do the arrangement) won by EPON; and Spanish Alfonso Urquiza He lost to Egutidze, in the golden score, by Ebon. The performance in poule D ended in defeat to the Dutchman Frank de Witt, No. 5 in the worldby Ebon.

Judo’s incarnate participation in the replay began with a no-fight victory over the tatami. Belgian Sami Al Shushi, injured, did not compete. In the fight that forced access to the bronze medal, he defeated Andriy Igotidze, seventh in the standings, Sharoveddin Poltapoev, by wazari, thus realizing The best ranking ever in Europe and the world.

Besides Enri Igotidze, Benfica has more judokas in Hungary. Thelma Monteiro (-57kg), Rodrigo Lopez (-60kg), Barbara Temo (-70kg) e Rochelle Nunes (+78 kg) from Portugal, and Jamila Silva (-52 kg) To represent Cape Verde.

Telma Monteiro finished the race in 7th place, in the category -57 kg. The Benfica player started well by eliminating the Bulgarian Evelina Ilyeva (22.ª) it’s at Hangar Andrea Kerman (118.ª)Both are from Ebon. However, in the quarter-finals he found the Japanese Momo Tamauki (5th place), which he lost in the golden score, after nearly 10 minutes of fighting, for obtaining the third penalty from the referee, a situation that was repeated in the qualifying match against the Serbian. Marika Perisic (24.ª).

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Benfica’s Rodrigo Lopez fought in under 60 kg. at 42nd place in the rankingThe Portuguese began to overtake the Chinese world العالم Hon Man Leung (259) by Eppon, but was eliminated in the second round by the German Moritz Blavke, 30. Does the ranking, with arm.

Also belong to the Eagles, but by the Cape Verdean national team, the sportsman Jamila Silva, 55.ª Do the arrangementHe competed in the -52kg category and lost the first fight against the Canadian Ecaterina Guica (28.ª Does the arrangement) By Ippon, after also suffering from wazari on tatami.

On Thursday and Saturday, there are more Benfica fans in the fight: Barbara Timo and Rochelle Nunes, respectively.