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Andrzej Duda in skis. President returns from vacation,

  • The first reports of a presidential holiday came out on Wednesday. Posts on social media show the head of state leaving Vistula on Sunday. “Not everyone is in a two-hour traffic jam” – write Internet users
  • Within a week of their launch, the president took advantage of the active ski slopes. They were closed for more than a month due to an infection
  • “Andrzej Duda will meet with representatives of the Department of Health care involved in combating the effects of the Govt-19 epidemic” – Reads Presidential Palace announcement
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For the past few days, Andrzej Duda has been spotted on the beskit ski slopes where the presidential residence is located. Thaddeus Papierziaski, head of the town hall’s promotion, tourism, culture and sports department in Visa, said he had not received any official letter from “Djenic Sachsodny” about the president’s planned visit. However, Andrzej Duda was able to obtain information that he had traveled to Seiko on Wednesday in Visia. The next day he was met by a TVN24 reporter.

The president is leaving. Residents of Vistula complain

The president seems to end up staying for several days at the resort. On social media, Vistula residents complained about heavy car traffic around the city on Sunday, with information and a record of the SOP car column with the caption “Not everyone is in a two-hour traffic jam.” “Today riding on Konopnica Street on the sidewalk to avoid traffic jams …” – reads another comment.

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Holidays on the newly opened slopes

Opposition politicians have criticized Andrzej Duda for skiing at a time when the corona virus is on the rise again in Poland. Meanwhile, in a recent interview, the Minister of Health acknowledged that “the third wave is in Poland.”

Adam Nietzschelsky said the government had not refused to restore some controls to prevent the rapid spread of the corona virus. – We are thinking about how to effectively introduce these restrictions – said.

The rest of the article is the video below:

We remind you that ski slopes are not open until February 12th. So the president went on vacation within a week of resuming their activities.

The politician is interested in skiing. In January 2020, he started a charity alpine skiing competition in Jakoban. In November and early December last year. Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kovin has intervened in the matter of opening up the ski slopes. Then the government made the first attempt to close them due to the epidemic.

Return to duties

It is already known that as the President’s holiday has become a public affair, the President’s President announced an important meeting on Monday with the participation of the Head of State.

“Andrzej Duda will meet with representatives of the Department of Health who are involved in combating the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic,” the official statement said. “This is the second in a series of meetings with representatives of various contexts, aimed at gathering and discussing experiences and recommendations after a year of fighting the epidemic” – reads the publication.

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The first meeting took place on February 3rd. The President then met with representatives of entrepreneurs. – Things related to the fight against corona virus infection are very important to me – he argued at the time. – It seems that the economic situation in Poland is not bad – said the President at the meeting.

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