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Anadia municipality presses ahead with rehabilitating health center - news from Coimbra

Anadia municipality presses ahead with rehabilitating health center – news from Coimbra

Anadia City Council will initiate the rehabilitation and restructuring of the Anadia Health Center. The public tender for the contract was approved. At a municipal executive meeting, with a base value of € 1303,844.28, with an implementation period of ten months.

Through this intervention, the municipality intends to treat some building diseases, in order to significantly improve the working and comfort conditions of these health equipment, provide them with modern and functional means, and allow access to higher quality primary health care and adapt it to the new requirements.

The project aims to improve the working conditions of health professionals, and to significantly enhance the facilities, thus allowing bridging regional disparities that still exist, in terms of access and the quality of care provided by the public health network, with the aim of achieving full satisfaction, at the municipal and regional levels, with the health needs of the population.

The restructuring aims to create material conditions for the implementation of the USF Family Health Unit, as well as a dedicated oral health office, equipped with the necessary equipment to function properly.

In addition to reorganizing and adapting some spaces, the network installation will also be reconfigured and all HVAC equipment replaced. Regarding hot water, a solar heating system will be designed that harnesses the energy of the sun, supported by a wall-mounted boiler and a 500-liter tank. Liter, Allowing health professionals to triple the number of baths needed. A photovoltaic park will be established, with 42 solar panels, and a fast charging station for electric cars will be established, with a power source from the photovoltaic complex, thus reducing the environmental impact.

The exterior will also be the target of the intervention, which is to rehabilitate degraded sidewalks related to vehicle circulation and pedestrian areas, construct new sidewalks, rehabilitate fence walls and support the ground and install new horizontal and vertical vehicle lanes.

The rehabilitation and restructuring project of the Anadia Health Center was implemented in cooperation and supervision with the Facilities and Equipment Department of the Regional Health Department of the center.

The Mayor of Anadia, Maria Teresa Cardoso, highlighted the “importance of this intervention”, stressing that the opportunity to launch this project also takes into account the “open opportunity” by the community funds that “will allow the municipality to submit requests for axes” and measures that accept these areas of intervention, This makes it possible to achieve the financial contribution of their intervention, thus reducing the financial burden on the city council. “

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