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Netflix partilha contas testes bloquear

Netflix will limit account sharing, but it didn’t find the right way

It’s no secret that sharing Netflix accounts is a reality. The most commonly used option is even the use of a single account by multiple users, circumventing the rules the service specified for its use.

Of course, Netflix has tried to block this use in very creative and curious ways. Now, the company’s CEO has confirmed that Netflix will limit account sharing, but it hasn’t found the right way yet.

Netflix may continue testing soon

Over the years, Netflix has tried to control how users share their accounts. This service teaches that this is a common practice and that it is unlikely to conflict with it or even abandon it by those who used to do it.

Of course, the company loses out with this practice, after trying many times to find a way to prevent it. These appeared in a top-secret way, but without becoming a frequent practice of controlling users.

Can prevent account sharing

Now and in View results From the first quarter of 2021, Red Hastings, a chief executive at Netflix, revealed more about the company's plans. When faced with the question of whether they were prepared to apply these measures, it was very clear.

According to Reed Hastings, Netflix is ​​testing different solutions in different markets. However, these measures will never be enforced in an immediate and enforced manner on users. It should be something that consumers make sense and understand.

They haven't found the right shape yet

As for the tests conducted, Director of Operations Greg Peters said it was part of the service accessibility analysis. They want to make sure everyone who accesses Netflix is ​​authorized to do so. It also revealed that these tests are not new to the service.

The cautious situation as Netflix and his team address this issue is intriguing. The company consistently loses money when sharing the account, but still explicitly allows it to be executed. He will likely change this situation in the future, but he has not yet found the correct way to do so.

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