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Acer introduces SpatialLabs, a hologram-like 3D simulation technology

Acer introduces SpatialLabs, a hologram-like 3D simulation technology

Science fiction movies have always featured advanced technologies that allow scientists to test their creativity on holograms and see how things would work in real life. In an event on Thursday (27), the Acer Take a step forward towards that future with SpatialLabs.

In the presentation, the company provided examples of how the technology was used by architects, clinicians, and animators. For those who work with 3D objects, it will be possible to explore all angles of creation, see them in true 1: 1 proportions, and customize and edit backgrounds on the spot with SpatialLabs Model Viewer. The new one is already compatible with popular 3D modeling software, such as Blender, Autodesk Fusion 360, Maya, and Unreal Engine, which further facilitates the creation process between the two devices.

Watch the concept presentation moment:

Introduced on a ConceptD laptop, this technology combines a stereo camera that tracks eye movement (Eye tracking), Stereoscopic 3D screen and real-time display capabilities. The prototype screen consists of a 2D UHD panel with an optically placed liquid crystal lens on top, forming a unit that can be interchanged between stereoscopic and 2D 3D.

The program is open to Unreal Engine developers, registrars and certifications who will receive a prototype notebook, the first embodiment of the new experience, for testing for a period of three months. Registration for SpatialLabs for ConceptD is open until June 30, 2021 and can be done Fill out this form.