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SL Benfica e FC Porto entre os 32 clubes mais valiosos da Europa

BOLA – Benfica and Porto among the 32 most valuable clubs in Europe (sport)

Portuguese clubs SL Benfica and FC Porto are among the 32 most valuable logos in Europe, according to the study “Football Clubs Rating: European Elite 2020” prepared by KMPG. “Eagles” occupies the twenty-fifth place, down one place compared to 2019, and “dragons” are again in rating Three years later, it’s 29th.

KPMG attributes “Eagles” to the value of the company (project value) From 349 million euros, 14.9% less than in 2019. FC Porto is the second Portuguese actor among the European elite, and three years after the last appearance on this list, they are back in the 29th place with a business value of 252 million euros, which represents a 19.6% decline Currency value compared to 2019.

The most valuable club in Europe, for the third year in a row, Real Madrid remains with A. project value € 2.9 billion. Barcelona is followed by a commercial value of 2.8 billion euros, as Manchester United closed the podium worth 2.6 billion euros.

Despite the Spanish dominance is on top ratingClubs in the United Kingdom represent the most matches, with a total of eight squads – Manchester United, joining Liverpool (2.2 billion euros), Manchester City (2.1 billion euros), Chelsea (1.8 billion), Tottenham (1.7 billion euros). 1 billion euros), Arsenal (1.4 billion euros), Everton (455 million euros) and Leicester (424 million euros).

Another conclusion of the KPMG study relates to the loss of revenue for major clubs. For the first time in 10 years, revenue for teams in the major European leagues fell in the 2019/20 season, after nine consecutive growth seasons. The 11% decrease is equivalent to a revenue reduction of € 20.4 million.

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Of the 32 European clubs offered by the Chancellor, only seven finished the 2019/20 fiscal year on positive ground, a number far from the 20 who reached the same number in the previous season.

Andrea Sartori, Director of Global Sports at KPMG, argued that “football today needs government review, a redistribution of power, or a downsizing of tournaments.”