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A well-deserved break: 'Drone' captures wild elephants resting in the woods |  China

A well-deserved break: ‘Drone’ captures wild elephants resting in the woods | China

They rested for a day, but a herd of 15 wild elephants native to China are on the move again after heavy rains delay their flight. It was seized by the Chinese authorities b Drone The group sleeps in a divided forest on the outskirts of Kunming, southwest China, before resuming crossings on Tuesday, June 8.

The group of snakes, which includes three cubs, has covered 500 km. They have passed through fields, villages and towns with millions of residents since they left the protected area in Xishuangbanna, on the border with Laos and Burma, in April 2020. The reason for the crossing is unclear, and along the way, lost elephants have already destroyed the cultivated fields in the vicinity of the villages. On Monday, a team of hundreds of professionals attempted to use trucks to keep them away from human-occupied areas and prevent further physical damage. Previous efforts to force them back failed, but after 15 months the herd appears to have returned home to the Mingyangzi Nature Reserve in Xishuangbanna.

With plantations of banana, tea, rubber and raw materials used in Chinese medicine occupying the space where the Xishuangbanna rainforest grew, home The protection of the indigenous elephant community in China is gradually declining. Conversely, conservation efforts in Yunnan Province have led to an increase in the number of Asian elephants, further putting pressure on available resources.

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