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Retired teacher offers a car for sale.  Students buy it and display it

Retired teacher offers a car for sale. Students buy it and display it

UAn 87-year-old retired teacher has been forced to offer his car for sale because the money he receives from his pension is not sufficient for his expenses.

The car in question is the 1972 Volkswagen, a relic that Marcelo Sequeira has been highly revered for for several years. For this reason, putting it up for sale wasn’t an easy decision it just got emotional.

Knowing what happened, the professor’s former students, who were very fond of the younger boys, decided to surprise him.

When former students discovered that Marcelo Sequeira had offered the car for sale for financial reasons, they quickly realized they had to do something. So, they got together through WhatsApp and decided to create a cat to buy the car from the guy.

Marcelo Sequeira studied History and Geography for 26 years at Donia Carolla State School in Curitiba, Brazil. In addition to the knowledge he passed on from generation to generation and the good relationship he maintained with his students, he was also famous for his unmistakable green car.

And the graduate decided to hand over the car to him in a surprise, which was recorded on video. The man did not hide his affection, and his case proves that he who gives good recovers good.

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