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A BOLA - The Authorities In The Auspices Of The Assad Party (Sporting)

A BOLA – The Authorities In The Auspices Of The Assad Party (Sporting)

If it is match after game that Sporting is heading towards winning the national title, as coach Robin Amorim has always emphasized, without ever assuming that goal, the truth is that at this point, Lions are only two points away. Champions.

And this could actually happen on Tuesday, if the Lions beat Boavista, in a match of the 32nd round, which will be played at the Jose Alvalade stadium, at 20.30 – that is, of course, if FC Porto, on Monday, won the Farence reception, because if a tie Porto players or lost at home with the Garvians, who are in distress to stay in the league, only need points, Sporting can win the title that day and … on the couch.

However, the competent authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in coordination with Sporting and the Lisbon City Council, and given the strong possibility that the Lions will celebrate this important achievement on Tuesday, participated in another business meeting so that the ceremony goes smoothly, at a time when the state suspects the outbreak of the Covid epidemic- 19 And groupings are not recommended at all. Quite the opposite.

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