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″We will be the only host who will have a full house on the field ″

″We will be the only host who will have a full house on the field ″

On June 15, Portugal will play the Hungarian national team at the Puskas Arena, in Budapest, the first match of the group stage of Euro 2020.

Hungary’s diplomatic chief Petr Sigarto said the more than 60,000 Hungarians who will be at the Puskas Arena in Budapest for the Euro 2020 soccer match against Portugal can “make a difference”.

“We will be the only host at Euro 2020 that will have a full house in the stadium. We will have approximately 69,000 fully occupied spectator seats, without restrictions, because we are so far ahead in vaccination [contra a covid-19] The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in an interview with Lusa na Praia, said after delivering a donation of 100,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to the Cape Verdean authorities.

Portugal plays on June 15 with the Hungarian national team at the Puskás Arena in Budapest, the first match of the Euro2020 group stage and Péter Szijjártó admits that the Portuguese national team would theoretically have an advantage: “If the match was played only on paper, we certainly lost”.

“What can make a difference for our team is to play at home, 69,000 Hungarians, well, 60,000 Hungarians support the team,” said Peter Szijjarto, noting that footballers are “no longer used” to matches with the public, much less more From a year of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that Portuguese fans can watch the match at the Puskás Arena – Portugal will also play France in the same stadium – where they have to submit negative PCR tests for covid-19, which requires a game ticket to enter the country.

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The government official in Hungary explained, that with more than 60% of adults vaccinated against Covid-19, equivalent to 5.2 million people, the economy has reopened and some sports already have maximum audience capacity.

Peter Szijjarto insisted that with the ground factor in favour, Hungary “has a chance” against Portugal, but recalls the absence of “friend” Palaz Dzodzak, attacking midfielder “and a number 7 like Ronaldo”, who in 2016 scored two of the Hungarian national team goals in Draw (3-3) with the Portuguese national team (last round, Euro 2016, in France).

“Unfortunately now he is not part of the team because he did not receive the coach’s invitation, and he will know there,” he said.