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"You have to drop the note ..."

“You have to drop the note …”

Joana Diniz used her Instagram account to leave a message to the many people who send her “requests” on social networks, so she can advertise her clothing stores.

“I get a lot of messages every day from girls who have online stores saying, ‘Hey Joanna, can I send you a piece of clothing and advertise it? “Guys, working on Instagram is a business that takes a lot of work.”, He began by saying.

Reported by Joanna Deniz “Things that get back together must go well.”, Explaining later that this advertising work has to be paid for, because in order to do advertising, most of the time, you have to give up your job as a hairdresser:

“I even noticed these girls, they don’t forget that I still don’t feed on clothes (…) I still don’t pay my bills with a piece of clothes So all the work I do is paid because if I need money to pay the bills, I need it too. “

Also terminated is the hairdresser and former competitor of “Big Brother-Duplo Impacto”:

“When they come looking for me to work, they have to drop the bill because I also need to pay my bills.”

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