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Xbox at E3 2021 |  Where to watch, what time to start and what to expect

Xbox at E3 2021 | Where to watch, what time to start and what to expect

This weekend, we’ve joined a tradition of something completely new. The MicrosoftAs usual, the first major conference will be held at E3 2021, opening the doors of the event and starting the sequence of days the noise With a series of great announcements, well-established franchises, news and surprises. At the same time, this is the first time that Bethesda has caught on.

The company, which usually runs its own conference, is now part of Microsoft Studios, the list of developers that develop exclusive titles for Xbox platforms. And from this combination of forces should emerge one of the strongest presentations at E3 2021, and even one that has one game confirmed so far and more underground action is expected.

Where to attend the Xbox & Bethesda conference?

The corporate presentation, officially called Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, will air next Sunday, June 13, starting at 2 PM GMT. It will be possible to watch the entire conference through Microsoft’s social networks, at the following links:

what are you expecting?

In such a long-awaited show filled with established names, it is clear that the cycle of rumors has turned violently. And the main rumors about the union between Microsoft and Bethesda are a second franchise: starfield. Epic RPG The company space has been in development for a few years and has become a mainstay of recent rumors, with a highly anticipated presentation since it was announced in 2018.

We also have the only attendance ever confirmed: infinite aura. The new Master Chief game has divided opinions in the past and is now confirmed Xbox One e Series X And S, it’s time to get the connection right and show the aspects of the game that should become one of Microsoft’s great calling cards in this generational transition, with a return to the saga’s origins taking place alongside new mechanics and stories.

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Old rumors, as always, reappear in this period of events. And here, we’re talking about other games from Microsoft’s portfolio, which, whether announced or not, may look like they’re lighting up the start of E3 2021. Among the names being broadcast are Age of Empires IVAnd the Psychology Pioneers 2or legendary Forza Horizon Located in Japan and I acknowledge, a large-scale obsidian RPG.

Among those already announced, the names are just as important on the Bethesda side, we have four major titles in development that could get their first pictures, release dates or more information during the show. Deathloop, scheduled to arrive on September 14, is almost a handicap, but what if we meet too أيض Ghost Wire: TokyoFrom Tango Gameworks, from Master of Horror Shinji Mikami? Other names that may arise at the hands of Bethesda are the long-awaited The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts Also the new game Indiana Jones, although we know in both cases that we are still in the early stages of development, which for players means over-attack.

For Microsoft, we also have a list to consider. total darkness He drew attention that it marks a return to the classic Nintendo 64 shooter, while Forza Motorsport, the eighth game in the racing simulation series, could be shown to showcase potential graphics, awesome controllers and cars that we all know the Xbox maker is very fond of bringing to the stage.

We can’t forget names like state of decay 3And the Senua saga: Hellblade 2 e Everwild, which should shape a very diverse future for Microsoft platforms. Between zombies, grand medieval worlds, Japanese ghosts and stylish racing cars, where are your bets? Leave it in the comments and don’t forget to follow our E3 2021 coverage with Canaltech!

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