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WWE in the process of drafting after SummerSlam

WWE in the process of drafting after SummerSlam

a Draft, or Superstar Shakeup as sometimes WWE He calls you, it’s a moment that fans always care about, where there is the possibility of making changes in menus that help programs improve their quality.

Although what we saw in the past was several stars to change from BrandAs a result we have roughly the same fighters fighting each other, but on different programmes.

However, according to Andrew Zarian audio notation Matt Maine Pro wrestlingThis year’s draft will take place shortly after SummerSlam 2021. Via Twitter, the journalist stated that he was told that this year’s WWE Draft will take place on August 30 and September 3.

Although Andrew Zarian recently released a lot of information that has proven true, WWE has yet to officially announce that there will be a draft in 2021, nor when, so for now, all of this isn’t 100% certain that it’s happening and plans are It can always change.

If that happens, we’ll see if this year’s draft finally includes it too NXT or if Brand WWE Yellow will continue to exist in a “world separate” from the rest Trademarks From the company.

Do you think post-SummerSlam is a good date for WWE to do their annual draft?

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