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Without Eisenbahn, Vale breweries see room to grow on Oktoberfest Blumenau |  Pedro Machado

Without Eisenbahn, Vale breweries see room to grow on Oktoberfest Blumenau | Pedro Machado

You see breweries in the European Valley Eisenpan withdrawal Participating in Oktoberfest Blumenau is an opportunity to expand the role of other handcrafted brands at the party – now, if it happens in 2021, and also in the future. The association Vale da Cerveja, with ten regional producers, ensures that it can meet the product, logistics and service requirements the event requires.

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The organization’s president, Daniel Reginato, admits that the area’s breweries do not have the financial resources to pay sponsorship fees and millionaire costs for a future franchise – for example, Eisenbahn had to build a new wing at Villa Germanica and the future official Oktoberfest brewery should be Building a street and a museum About the history of the party. But it does ensure that local companies are able to supply the event with keg beer under normal conditions.

– Our intention to win space – says the businessman.

This search for more visibility is not new. Local breweries for some time Call for a change of rules Participate in the part at Oktoberfest Blumenau. This includes more favorable financial conditions, such as reducing the percentage of conversions on sales that take place during a party. Manifestation of Assembly (Read the full text belowIn the episode that Eisenbahn participated in, even with the citation of the Munich, Germany model, this controversy is repeated.

Blumenau, Bierland, Das Bier, Wunder Bier and Hersing are European Valley breweries You have an active contract To participate in the Oktoberfest. They are all members of the association. The party currently has seven sales outlets for regional brands at Vila Germânica Suites. The rest is explored by the official brewery.

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Regarding the article published in NSC Total, on 04/30/2021, which explains the contractual closure of the official sponsor of Oktoberfest Blumenau with Vila Germanica, we have, from the Vale da Cerveja Association, some considerations to take into account.

First of all, it is imperative to say that the departure of Heineken – the bearer of the Eisenbahn trademark – as the official sponsor of Oktoberfest raises the debate about the greater participation of Cervejias Artesanais de Blumenau and our region in this great party.

The Vale da Cerveja region, which includes the municipalities of Blumenau, Gaspar, Indaial, Timbó and Pomerode, forms a nationally recognized brewing center, with quality beer and prizes not only in Brazil, but in the world.

Taking the example of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany for more than a century, the party was held only with the city’s breweries as a way to encourage the local economy, as well as the “drink less, drink better” culture.

We want to say that we are ready! We were able to meet the product, logistics and service requirements requested by the party.

Just as important is remembering that in addition to Oktoberfest, Turismo Cervejeiro do Vale drives the regional economy year-round, providing work and income for many people.

At that moment, then, we need to know whether the Blumenau community wants to actually become the Brazilian beer capital, or whether this is just a title conferred by federal law, without much significance in our city.

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