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William and Kate versus Harry and Meghan: Compare Royal Weddings

William and Kate versus Harry and Meghan: Compare Royal Weddings

In seven years, Kensington Palace hosted a royal wedding, and it’s easy to make comparisons between one and the other, always keeping in mind the distinct details: William He is second in the order of the British throne and Harry VI.

Let’s start with choosing the dress. Kate She chose the Alexander McQueen model with lace and three-quarter sleeves. Megan I used the Givenchy model with full sleeves and plain fabric.

William and Kate’s wedding took place in Westminster Abbey, on the same site where the Queen married Second Isabel It’s the Duke of Edinburgh. The princess was veiled there, too Diana. Harry and Meghan, on their side, got married in St.George’s Church

The official photos of Meghan and Harry appear to be a lot less formal than those of their sibling siblings. In one of the photos, Megan is shown slightly ahead of Harry while William and Kate are always shown side by side. One of the photos shows the newlyweds sitting on the floor next to their pages.

As for the pages, we can also review some differences in the size of the parade. William and Kate had a group of six children (four girls and two pages) and Megan and Harry had 10 children in the procession.

An interesting detail about Megan’s flower bouquet is the fact that she contemplated Forgetting-Lee, Princess Diana’s favorite flower, in an apparent tribute and a way to keep her memory present on an emotional day like this. Megan and Kate each chose to have similar, small, and separate branches and the choice of each flower had an associated meaning.

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The first kiss after the ceremony is very intimate and not repeated. We can assume that the relationship between Megan and Harry was more intense. In the photo you see the former actress holding her husband’s hand.

An interesting similarity between the two weddings is the choice of the groom’s suit: both brothers wore military uniforms at the ceremony. William, although part of the Air Force, chose to use the Irish Guard (British Army) uniform, as he assumed his duties as an honorary colonel. Last Saturday, Prince Harry and his brother, with the Queen’s permission, donned the Blues and Royals, the British Army’s cavalry. Also at his brother’s wedding, as a godfather, he wore this garment.

Regarding the crown, Kate used the famous halo presented by Queen Isabel II with a total of 739 brilliant and 149 diamonds. In turn, Megan used the name of Queen Mary, Isabel’s second grandmother.

Regarding the pastry, William and Kate chose Fiona Cairns to prepare an eight-tiered cake with various cakes made according to a recipe that includes raisins, nuts, cherries and French brandy. Claire Pettack was Megan and Harry’s choice. It contained elderberry syrup, made at the Queen’s Residence in Sandringham from the estate’s elderberry trees.

In William’s case, the reception was served to 300 guests. Harry had a total of 200 guests.

At William’s wedding, Isabel II chose a yellow suit. For Harry and Meghan’s party, he preferred a green suit and a floral skirt.