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Will Elipheta Zhavorovich leave TVB? Her friend spoke up! Still!

Elipeta Zhavorovich, 74, has been with DVB for many years. However, many of the malicious will see her asleep. A friend of a famous journalist revealed something unusual …

The “case for a reporter” has been very popular for decades.

Elipeta Zhavorovich is often the last resort for people. The Poles praise her for always going to that place and trying to solve any difficult situation.

Unfortunately, trips like this can be very tiring. When he comes home, he even wears it outside …

Fortunately, her loving husband is waiting for her there, always offering good advice and support.

Many may think that the 74-year-old should already be thinking about retiring. The DVP is said to have been buzzing in the corridors for a long time.

A friend of the TV star revealed to Ella what plans Ella has in the future for “Ravi”.

“As long as her health is good, she has a lot of energy and a desire to work. She wants to run her project. It gives her joy and allows her to believe that it is necessary to fight for justice. She does it, and people are very grateful to her. She has hundreds every week. Receives letters and wants to bring this help as much as possible “- reveals a friend.

Are you happy?