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Who is Peter Phillips, the cousin who separated William and Harry in the procession?

Who is Peter Phillips, the cousin who separated William and Harry in the procession?

NAt Prince Philip’s funeral, which took place on Saturday, Prince William and Prince Harry joined the procession behind his grandfather’s coffin – but with his cousin Peter Phillips walking between them.

When they enter St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, William marched with Peter in the second procession. Behind the royal family were Prince Harry and David Armstrong-Jones, son of Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones.

As People magazine notes, Peter has always had a close relationship with his cousins, William and Harry, throughout their lives, including other times of mourning.

After William and Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, died in 1997, Peter and his sister Zara rushed to Balmoral, King Elizabeth II of Scotland, to support their cousins. Indeed, at a certain moment, Peter is seen joining his cousins ​​and grandparents as they see the flowers and other things left for Princess Diana outside the gates of Balmoral Castle.

Also when his great-grandmother passed away in 2002, Peter walked alongside his cousins ​​at the funeral.

People also indicate that they grew up together. Just as William and Peter were close to their childhoods, their children now also share a unique bond. Peter is the father of two girls – Savannah, 10, and Isla, 9 – and they are often seen on picnics with William’s children – George, 7, Charlotte, 5, and Louis, who will turn three on April 23.

Peter – the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II – did not inherit a royal title when he was born in November 1977. According to the BBC, his parents, Princess Anna and Mark Phillips, would “turn down an offer to acquire the Queen’s titles” because they wanted their children to lead a “normal” life. When he was born, he was fifth in line to the throne. However, he is currently the 16th.

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