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Monique Mello – 05/23/2021 8:38 PM | Updated 05/23/2021 21h18

Users will be able to speed up the reception of votes Photo: Pixabay

Anyone who’s struggling with endless five-minute audio recordings can take advantage of a new feature in Whatsapp: Phonics Acceleration. The app has been testing the feature in beta and has confirmed that it is gradually being made available to iPhone and WhatsApp Web users, and for Android, the access will be soon.

The novelty allows you to hear sound at speeds of 1.5x or 2x. To speed up recordings, just touch the indicator that will be displayed next to the message.

This change is less controversial than the previous one. WhatsApp has given users until May 15 to accept the company’s new privacy policies. Since it is mandatory, the standard has caught the attention of many regulators around the world, even calling into question the legality of the amendment.

According to WhatsApp, “This update does not affect how people privately communicate with their friends and family anywhere in the world.”

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