Visionaries arrive in Brazil with information for the visually impaired community – Setor Saúde

Visionaries arrive in Brazil with information for the visually impaired community – Setor Saúde

Management and Quality | July 6, 2024

The global patient support platform aims to share stories and experiences related to retinal diseases.

a Rosh Farma Brasil has just made the Visionaries Hub available in the country, a new global platform developed in partnership with Retina International to provide information to meet the needs of those with vision problems caused by conditions such as: age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic macular edema (in d)


The Visionaries Hub brings together inspiring stories from people with vision impairment – ​​visionaries – or those supporting loved ones with the condition, offering practical advice and creating connections within the community. The stories are told by real people, offering honest insights into everyday challenges, and are available in a variety of accessible formats such as blogs, videos and podcasts so that all patients and those around them can consume the content as they wish.

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In addition to these stories, the platform also provides essential information about the daily impact of living with a retinal condition and how to build meaningful solutions in collaboration with the low vision community, putting patient care first.


Since the beginning, Rosh They have fully engaged the community in creating this platform, ensuring that their insights have helped shape a meaningful and relevant tool. During development, it was identified that sight loss, both at a public and professional level, is under-recognised, creating an urgent need for improved understanding and access to support for families and supporters of people affected to some extent by sight loss.

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With the arrival of the platform, it is expected that patients will not only have a secure source of high-quality information, but will also gain greater recognition from the community, helping this community to be increasingly recognized by public and professional bodies. Furthermore, it is also expected that patients and their families will have the right tools and resources at hand to better manage their retinal condition, leading to empowerment and improved quality of life.

Vision Center

Hey Vision Center It is a global resource that provides a collection of real stories captured in the AMD and DME community. Among the stories is that of Luis, a Brazilian, who discovered after an unexpected diagnosis of AMD that life doesn’t have to stop when you have low vision. With the support of his green cane, the unwavering strength of his family and the local support institute for people with low vision, he has learned to fully embrace life with AMD.”You have to realize that your dreams and projects should not end, but should be reviewed.“, he comments.

The site is produced by Roshdoes not provide medical advice or treatment guidance. Its content is not promotional and does not specifically refer to the availability or use of medicines.

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