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Sessão do Infarmed COvid-19

United Kingdom Variation in Portugal in March “Dominant Epidemiological View” – Journal Economics

Joao Paulo Gomez, a researcher at the Institute Ricardo Ricardo, pointed out in March that the United Kingdom variant “dominated the epidemiological situation.”

The expert’s presentation was centered on “Updating the monitoring of genetic variants of the new corona virus in Portugal”. In March, Joao Paulo Gomez said 1345 viruses were detected in 18 districts and 166 municipalities.

Joao Paulo Gomez explained that between November and February, there was “a significant reduction over time in a variation of the epidemic situation in Portugal” that “appeared in Spain and spread throughout Europe”

“In November, it accounted for more than 70% of cases in January, which was very widespread, and since then it has been clearly replaced by the United Kingdom variant.” In March, according to the expert, the British variant reversed the previous one and “began to fully dominate the epidemiological situation”, indicating “85% of Govt-19 cases in the country”.

Although cases of British variation are high, the distribution of these cases across the country is not uniform. Alcarve and Madeira (94% of Govit-19 cases) have the highest number of cases of this variant, compared to 71.4% in Porto.

Aside from the British variant, it also increased in South Africa, representing only 2.5% of cases in March, with Manas 0.4% and Brazil 0.6%.

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