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UK.  IKEA wants to buy its products from customers - to recycle and help the environment - News

UK. IKEA wants to buy its products from customers – to recycle and help the environment – News

According to Defender, IKEA in the UK wants to change the circular consumption pattern of its articles. In other words, wants to buy a used item so it can be reused and recycled instead of simply being thrown away.

Cabinets, cupboards, chairs, dining tables, office drawers, desks, etc .: The English newspaper gives many examples of what customers can keep at home and what the brand is interested in. Then, those interested should place an order online to indicate that they would like to recycle. (However, the order is valid only if all the items in question were purchased from IKEA.)

Upon completion of this process, the customer who returns the item will receive a refund card of up to 50% of the original value of the donated item – to be spent at the store, the value calculated according to the condition of the returned item. Used furniture will then be sold in special areas at IKEA stores. A note to customers of recycled products: no need to touch the screwdrivers: all of the articles are already assembled and sold.

IKEA Sustainability Manager in the UK and Ireland explained by HK Subjorson For the newspaper there is a demand from customers for this type of reuse because second hand purchases are becoming more and more repetitive.

“We support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and work together to move away from the linear model. [no qual os artigos usados são deitados fora]He said.

IKEA’s mission in the UK was to improve this model in early November last year, but the project was postponed due to an epidemic. However, it has already been tested in Australia, Scotland and Portugal and 10,000 articles have been returned to the brand.

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