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UEFA Champions League Final.  Director-General of Health separates fans and says event 'goes well' - observer

UEFA Champions League Final. Director-General of Health separates fans and says event ‘goes well’ – observer

The Director-General of Health, Graça Freitas, confirmed, Friday, that “in general” the Champions League final, in Porto, went “very well”, stressing the presence of two types of fans, two different “phenomena”.

“One [tipo de público] Which had to do with the fans who came from within an organization that was controlled by UEFA, the Portuguese Football Federation and which had a contribution from the Ministry of Health and the Directorate General of Health, where we gave two opinions. The other different audience was the audience of tourists, and tourists have their own dynamicsAt the end of the Seasonal show, Graça Freitas told reporters at Avis, in Portalegre County, that they were citizens who boarded planes, came to Portugal, entered Portugal with a negative test, and then got the behavior we saw. Health emergency plan – summer 2021 unit.

Graça Freitas insisted that “in general”, the issue regarding fans who had come from England who had bought their tickets was “very well governed”.

was not 100% [controlada]There were times when they were not at a proper distance or were not wearing a mask, but in general it went well, they were tested,” he emphasized.

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The Director-General of Health, who again appealed for compliance with the anti-Covid-19 rules, also noted that And ‘trial trials’ have already been conducted for the audience to return to football. Asked by reporters whether the return of the public to football could pass the screening tests, only Gracas Vitas said it was a “factor to consider”.

The Champions League final, between Manchester City and Chelsea, was held in Porto, in a match attended by English fans who were crowded in the city center, most of whom did not adhere to the rules dictated by the Covid-19 epidemic, such as the use of a mask and physical distance.

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