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Uberaba is the second city in Minas Gerais in potential dengue cases, Journal da Manha

Uberaba is the second city in Minas Gerais in potential dengue cases, Journal da Manha

In cases of chikungunya, there are 78 probable and four confirmed cases in Uberaba. The municipality shares third place in confirmed cases of chikungunya with Governador Valadares, Ituiutaba and Tourmaline. Next comes Santa Vittoria, with five cases, and catgies, who again top the list, with 19 confirmed cases of the disease.
According to the SES Bulletin, Minas Gerais has had 101 probable Zika virus cases and 16 confirmed cases.

Uberaba also features in the leaflet, being the only region with medium risk for severe dengue cases, while the other regions on the map are low-risk. This situation is justified in light of the results of the second Aedes aegypti Rapid Infection Index (LIRAa) survey, conducted in March, which presented an average of 8.25%.
As for other items assessed in the leaflet, such as dengue deaths, chikungunya deaths, hospitalization requests for severe dengue fever cases, as well as in all areas of the state, Uberaba is a low risk area.

As of May 4, the state of Minas Gerais has recorded 17,549 probable cases (reported cases excluding those that have been ignored) of dengue fever. Of this total, 6,774 cases have been confirmed. Three deaths from dengue fever have been confirmed in Minas Gerais so far, two in Frotal in 2021 and one in Paracatu in 2020. An additional five deaths are under investigation.

With regard to chikungunya fever, 3,408 probable cases of the disease have been recorded, and of this total, 2562 have been confirmed. There are no confirmed cases of Chikungunya deaths in Minas Gerais so far.

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