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Truvenci becomes Portuguese champion ::

Truvenci becomes Portuguese champion ::

He finished the sporting season in Portugal’s national championships and finished off the tournament in style for the Portuguese champions, after a tough 0x1 win in Coimbra over Estrela after extra time.

With the main objective already completed after the two teams’ return to League Two was confirmed, the pressure for the final had eased, but in Coimbra the two clubs showed they did not want to make this just the end of the season. Game.

However, it was a final without a major date, despite 120 minutes of football being played at the Municipal de Coimbra. The fact that neither team wanted to lose this final meant that there was less risk on both sides and yet also less spectacle.

Before the break, strikers from Trofense and Estrela were still around the two goals, but neither Alan Junior nor Paollo Madeira were able to create any significant danger from the opposing goalkeepers.

The second half was a bit more intense, with some moves in both areas and many penalty protests from both sides, but as for goals or obvious occasions, there was not much to be reckoned with – Estrella ended up with reasons to complain about a penalty against Paulo Madeira. . Left unmarked.

The arrival of extra time did not promise major changes in the quality of the game, even due to the fatigue of an already long season, as well as the 90 minutes on a hot afternoon in Coimbra. The goal seemed unlikely in either of the goals, but as the minutes went on it became clear that Trovini had a greater physical freshness, due in large part to the changes made by Roy Duarte. The solution came from the bench to avoid penalty shootouts and award the title of Portuguese champion.

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On the left side of the Trofa team’s attack, Daniel Liberal came from the bench to create the move that was completed by Kivil, who is also a substitute, as the first goal of the season in the Portuguese championship was the goal that crowned the champion. In Estrela, there was still a last-ditch effort, but the forces of the Reboleira Formation did not allow them to reach equality.

For the first time in history, Trovini won the third level cup of Portuguese football, succeeding Casa Biya, who in 2019 beat Villafrancoense in the final in Jamor.

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