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Truckers no longer need a license to get to the south of England

Truckers no longer need a license to get to the south of England

a The measure will take effect from today, with the previous access permission approved under “ Brexit ” at the start of the year aimed at avoiding long waiting times, according to the Department of Transportation.

The moving barrier on the M20, which runs through Kent, will also be removed from Saturday.

Measures have been introduced in this region to avoid the prolonged traffic jams that could arise due to the disruptions associated with the UK’s de facto exit from the European Union (EU), ‘Brexit’, on January 1.

The ministry ensures that entry permits were “decisive in preventing delays at the border,” allowing drivers to enter Britain with the correct documentation.

Now that these licenses end, carriers will have fewer procedures to complete them, making it easier to trade with the European Union.

Merchandise exports from the UK to the continent increased by 46.6% in February compared to the previous month.

In January, there was a record drop of 42%, when several companies decided to stop or reduce shipping goods to continental Europe in order to adapt to the new trade rules and bureaucracies brought about by Brexit.

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