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Covid-19 Handout: See Paraguay Cases Update

The Covid-19 bulletin Tuesday (13) confirmed 13 new positive cases and 19 records of people who had recovered from the disease.

With the new data, Paraguay has reached 74 cases this month, which unfortunately recorded 05 deaths. Also according to the publication, 90 people recovered from the disease in April.

Epidemiological Bulletin Figures

Recovery: 833
Suspected and positive cases in surveillance: 244
Interns in the ward: 03
Intensive care unit trainee: 02
Bit: 18

Total confirmed cases: 906

Other Paraguay data

miss positive Bit Recovered
Dec 223 2 157
Janeiro 147 2 178
February 79 1 112
brouwn 152 3 111

From May 13 to November 30, 213 positive cases of COVID-19 were recorded, 05 deaths and 174 people recovered from the disease.

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