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Torres Fedras |  Population survey of the health file and services

Torres Fedras | Population survey of the health file and services

A survey is conducted targeting all residents living in the municipality of Torres Vedras, with the aim of knowing the health needs, social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions of the citizens (living and working conditions, education, housing, unemployment, sanitation), and assessing the use of equipment and structures that promote healthy lifestyles (parks Parks and sports equipment), distinguishing entities, institutions and health services, and defining the characteristics of using these services and responding to them.

studying “The health profile, determinants and use of health services for the residents of Torres Fedras: contributions to health planning and intervention by municipal bodiesIt is a voluntary, confidential and anonymous participation, which is considered necessary to acquire up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of citizens’ experiences and perceptions related to health and quality of life in the municipality.

Depending on the municipality, the results of the study will be published and used to improve social and health policies and services for institutions operating in the municipality.

The study aims to: Characterize and evaluate the features, needs, and determinants of the health and well-being of the population and the municipal community. Supporting the identification of health policies, programs and projects at the local and municipal levels; Contribute to the implementation of health planning and intervention tools by the municipality and community actors; Adjust responses to health needs at the local level; Improving health care integration and simplifying the development of plans, programs and projects at the community and municipal level in conjunction with the national plan with the aim of reducing inequality.

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