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Tony Carrera and Fernanda Antonis may be close to reconciliation

Tony Carrera and Fernanda Antonis may be close to reconciliation

If the nightmare that befell their lives had not occurred, it would almost be unthinkable Tony Carrera e Fernanda Antonis What kind of relationship again. The former couple, who split in 2013 and officially divorced six years later, in 2019, followed separate paths, without being friends or close to each other. There have been very few times, since the break up became public, that they have been together on some private and family event.

The marriage of nearly 30 years did not end in the best way and Tony and Fernanda had turned their backs. It took the greatest tragedy for that man and woman to become a part of each other’s lives again. death Sarah Carrera, Who died in a traffic accident on December 5, 2020, brought them together, and united them in the profound pain of losing a daughter. Only Fernanda understands how Tony is suffering and vice versa. Because of that, they supported each other, suffered and cried together.

Friends heard by TvMais confirm reconciliation is possible. Read story in this week’s issue, and is already on newsstands and Available in digital version.

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