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Tondel Wellness Center renovation

Tondel Wellness Center renovation

The municipality of Tondela is in the process of redesigning the Tondela Health Center, with an investment of more than 1.5 million euros.

The Family Health Unit (USF) operates in this building, as well as the Public Health Unit (USP), the Joint Assistance Resource Unit (URAP) and the Community Care Unit (UCC).

This intervention aims to create conditions for a more personalized physician / nurse / user service delivery, deep restructuring of the indoor building, providing it with better thermal behavior and more spaces for meetings and training.

It also aims to provide the building with conditions of comfort, lighting and comfort, and to promote improved accessibility to primary health care.

According to the mayor of Tondela, Jose Antonio Jesus, it is possible through this intervention to improve the conditions of service for the population and to promote a more modern clinical practice.

The goal is to improve access to health care and to strengthen the role of primary health care. Only in this way will we work to enhance the adequate supply of health care to the population. “

This is work that also addresses a need felt by the various health professionals who have contributed, in a dedicated way, to qualifying the responses that this equipment provides to a large portion of the municipality’s population.

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