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Three months and 15 days is "wasted, a fight for life".  Angolan fishermen rescued in Sao Tome

Three months and 15 days is “wasted, a fight for life”. Angolan fishermen rescued in Sao Tome

Two Angolan fishermen have disappeared since January 23 in the Zaire River in Angola. The Port Authority said on Saturday that fishermen from the archipelago have rescued in the Sao Tome Sea.

“The fishermen left because of their fishing activities since January,” Michael Madre de Deus told reporters. “Unfortunately, the engine fell into the water, and they were unable to return. They stayed all this time in the sea and only São Tomé fishermen found them.” According to – Lieutenant of the Port Authority.

The military man explained that it was three months and 15 days “for nothing, fighting for life.”

Four Angolan fishermen left to hunt in Angola, but only two survived and ended up in Sao Tome. And their comrades threw their bodies in the water.

The survivors were hospitalized in Sao Tome and their testimonies were not allowed.

The official explained that “four left for hunting, but unfortunately two died and only two were found,” stressing that the health condition of the survivors does not require care.

Michael da Madre de Dios added that one of them “is a bit weak, but the other looks normal and is in the hospital’s emergency room under medical care.”

The Angolan Hunters, who had been rescued by colleagues from Sao Tome, were with their documents and in the next few days they might be demobilized.

The Port Authority said it would hand them over to the Angolan embassy in the capital of Sao Tome to present “the next steps to be taken.”

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“Two Sao Tome fishermen adrift found them, were brought to the coast and handed over to the port commander. We will contact the Angolan embassy to verify if they are in fact Angolan fishermen, and if so, the embassy will. Take care of the rest,” the army said .