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This is the end of the jumping season! The poles are far apart. Geeger takes the whole pot in Planica!

In the first series already played from the thirteenth opening stage Competition There were tremendous emotions in Blanica. Four players broke their life record. They are German Pius Bashke (230m), Slovene Ziga Zeller (234.5m) and Austrian Daniel Huber (237m). What was most interesting, however, was the thrilling Slovene battle Pavlovic, who jumped 249.5 meters!

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Dante’s terrible fall in Blanica. “This is a very strong blow.”

Poland lags far behind on stage! Germany won the last team of the season

Stoch’s remote tab in Blanica

The poles jumped slightly better than the previous jumps on the Planica. Kamil Stoch He jumped the longest distance on Letalnica Mountain this week – 216 meters. However, it only gave him 20th place. Before him, Andrzej Stokana was 19th and 18th. David Kubaki. They both jumped 219 meters. World champion Pyotr Shia jumped 226.5 meters, but it only gave him 16th place. The Japanese lead after the first round Ryou KobayashiHe landed in 242 meters and scored 10.2 points more than German Karl Geeker and Pavlosik.

Kobayashi also took the lead in the Planica 7 series after this tab. He scored 9.5 points more than Geiger and 14.3 points more than Pavlosik.

In the second series, he was the best pole Pyotr yłaHe jumped 230.5 meters and did not hide much satisfaction in his endeavor. Eventually, it elevated him to thirteenth place. Stockana jumped four places to finish fifteenth with a jump of 222 meters. They held their positions குபாக்கி (216.5 m) i Stoch (206 meters). Thanks to this, the latter received a platform in the overall World Cup rankings. In total, he scored 966 points. This is the sixth podium finish of his career.

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Carl Geeker floated in this series. The German jumped 232.5 meters from the low run. The worst thing is that Ryou Kopayachi landed at 217 meters. As a result, the Germans won the match in Blanica, 6.9 points ahead of the Japanese. He reached the small crystal ball on the planes (thanks to winning a large number of matches because he had points like Kobayashi) and in the Planica 7 series as well.

This broke the tab completely Holver Eckner GranerutIt landed at 204 meters, which finally gave him only sixteenth place. However, he won the World Cup with a huge advantage because he scored 1,572 points. Marcus Eisenhower (1190) was in second place. Pyotr Iya was seventh (825 points) and David Kupaki eighth (786). ), Paves Vusek 45 (62 points), Magiz Code 58 (17 points), Stephen Hula 74 (2 points), Tomas Bilch 76 (1 point).