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The young man moved home at a cheaper rate.  It was complicated for the elderly

The young man moved home at a cheaper rate. It was complicated for the elderly

UA 19-year-old American girl has moved from Oklahoma to Pigt, Arkansas, after finding a reasonably-priced apartment. Just a week later, he noticed the sign at the entrance to the complex, indicating that it was a community for the elderly.

“I could see what could be done there,” the young woman said, “Then I saw the sign:“ Apartments for the elderly. ”I realized that I had moved into a community for the elderly. In the interview.

Madison Kohut explained that she was able to rent the apartment with an internet connection and that the landlord always knew her age. He said, “She loved me so much.”

“Nobody will hear anything [se fizeres barulho]. “They don’t listen very well,” said the young woman, who is a nursing technologist, remembering something the owner of the house had said to her that now makes perfect sense.

Madison decided to post her story on social media and it ended up spreading. Before moving to Arkansas, he had around 30,000 followers Into your TikTok account It now has more than 92,000.

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“It’s like there are several husbands of grandparents,” he said, explaining that they often invite her to dinner or have a snack and even leave food at the door when she comes late for work.

For now, the plan is to continue living in the complex and sharing their stories on TikTok. One day, he hopes to be able to write a book on the experience.

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