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The whole epidemic of political corruption exposes the dangerous friendship in the UK

The whole epidemic of political corruption exposes the dangerous friendship in the UK

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron – AFP / Archives

A former prime minister, an opaque financial institution and spent billions fighting the epidemic. A layer of revelations since the bankruptcy of the Capital Finance Committee in Greens has revealed the dangerous links between British politicians and business circles.

Greens will become the biggest scandal in the UK political scene in recent years.

Westminster, a London neighborhood where government, ministries and parliament are located, did not see much turmoil over spending on parliament after a scandal in 2009, which sparked distrust among political elites just years before the Brexit vote.

“Every day that passes brings evidence of the immoral behavior of this conservative government,” Labor opposition leader Khair Stormer told Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday.

In view of the hurricane, former Prime Minister David Cameron, the conservative and architect of the Brexit referendum, resigned in 2016 after voting in favor of leaving the EU and became an adviser on capital in the Greens.

But the financial institution, which specializes in short-term corporate loans, went bankrupt last month due to risky and opaque financial deals.

Its decline now threatens the future of its main client, billionaire Sanjeev Gupta, the GFG alliance’s steel empire.

Johnson this week ordered an independent inquiry into Cameron’s campaigning against his executive, especially Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, to benefit from the Greens.

“I share the widespread concern about some of the aspects we are currently studying,” Johnson responded to Stormer.

The controversy erupted a week after the death of Prince Philip, 99, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, in what is said to be a political battle over national mourning.

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It also raises questions about the reliance on government to spend heavily to sustain the economy in the midst of a health crisis.

Former Cameroonian Minister Dominic Greve said seeing former officials in public relations or campaign positions was “very destructive” to the confidence of the political class.

“I believe public opinion is growing more and more about the way politicians behave, allegations of corruption and solidarity in government and many private shortcuts are being taken,” he told Colonel 4.

Last year, at the onset of the epidemic, many companies used the government’s back door to close contracts without bidding, including the provision of health equipment.

It justified that the government should always act quickly and argue that there was no violation.

But the scandal at Greens seems to have a different character involving not only Cameron but also senior officials.

New revelations show that one of them was in charge of government procurement, a consultant before leaving public service at Greens.

For his part, Cameron admitted he had made a mistake and promised to co-operate with the investigation initiated by the administrator.

But Labor is pushing for a parliamentary inquiry with legislative powers, at a subtle moment approaching the municipal and regional elections in the UK, since Johnson’s first conservative test for the Conservatives since the country firmly stepped down as president. EU on January 1.

Research suggests that conservatives will benefit from the success of the vaccine campaign against Govt-19.

So far, corruption in the Greens has not reached the prime minister, who is accustomed to facing criticism.

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