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The United Kingdom operates on a "govt passport" to facilitate travel  The world

The United Kingdom operates on a “govt passport” to facilitate travel The world

Oh UK Is in the process of creating one Digital passport for the vaccine against Govt-19, Follows in the footsteps European union (European union), Which considers the scale necessary Travel In the region in the summer.

The initiative was unveiled by UK Transport Secretary Grant Shops on Wednesday. According to him, the passport will be based on the current National Health Service (NHS) application. The program will be modified to help prove that Britain has already been vaccinated or tested negative for the disease during international travel.

“As for the vaccination certificate, I can confirm that we are working on an NHS application,” Shops said in an interview with Skype News. “I have been working with partners around the world to ensure that this organization is internationally recognized.”

Shops said it plans to release more details about the digital passport in the coming weeks. With Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to unveil international travels, the UK is preparing a “green list” of places to visit in the coming months. The list will be drawn up based on the status of the infection.

The Secretary of Transport has said the UK will chair the G-7 meeting next week to discuss international coordination for the recognition of vaccine passports.

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