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The UK Festival promises that “COVID will act like it never happened”

The desire to return to a festival is best, and a test event in the UK will happen soon to see if it can do so. But there is one detail: the show in Liverpool, “COVID-19 will act like it never happened”.

Who said this Melvin Benn, Is very popular in organizing the Reading and Leeds festivals and is currently in charge of the pilot scheduled for May 2nd. In an interview N.M.E., He explained what a festival with 3 bands would look like – Flowers, Lathams e சுசு – It will receive 5,000 people without social distance or without a mask:

You can only come in that day if you have done a side drive test [da COVID-19] At one of Liverpool’s testing centers. If you have this, you will receive a QR code that will allow you to verify your ticket.

Once this is verified, we hope people will do it because it will be better for the event, you will have to follow all the rules of social distance and wear masks on the bus, train, taxi or car car on the way. For the event if you are traveling with others. When you enter the place, we will ask you to wear a mask for the security post.

After that, you can take off your mask and pretend you have never had COVID. Sing, dance, mosh, laugh, enjoy bands and attend the most historic night you’ve ever been involved with.

The result certainly seems risky, after all, depends on the good behavior of the people whose tickets are checked. However, Ben says he’s more excited than ever, and even with so many festivals he’s been to again, it’s guaranteed to be the “most historic” event he has ever attended.

He was optimistic about the big events ahead, saying the virus infection rate in the open environment was “clearly too low” and that “the government will ensure that we do.” [tudo] Properly and safely ”.

So, did you face this? If you live in Liverpool and want to take a risk, find out more and buy a ticket This way.

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