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The three reasons Brad Pitt stole the attention at the Oscars

The three reasons Brad Pitt stole the attention at the Oscars

Brad Pitt It was one of the most prominent appearances at the 93rd edition of the Oscars, which took place on the 25th Sunday in Hollywood.

Firstly, because about a week ago the 57-year-old actor was seen being transported in a wheelchair, which raised concerns about his health. On the red carpet, Pitt explained it was because he was leaving the clinic where his wisdom tooth had been removed. Now, in the USA, strong anesthesia is used to perform the procedure, which means that the actor needs help moving home, where he rests and recovers.

Second, the actor’s gaze caught the eye. But it wasn’t because of the elegant suit Brioni, he has been representing since 2019. All attention was directed to Pitt’s hairstyle, who chose to wear his long blonde hair in a low bun.

Finally, in a moment of shared affection with the actress Yoon Ye Jung. This is because Brad Pitt, last year’s Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor, was tasked with handing over the award to Best Supporting Actress of the Year. And the supremacy went to the Korean actress, who was happy to meet the American actor face to face. “Mr. Brad Pitt, I’m glad to meet you. Where were you while we were filming? It is a great honor to be with you. “ The 73-year-old veteran of “Minary” said. Words that made the audience laugh and leave the actor submissive.

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