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"The sweetest popcorn."  “He sent me an email saying there was no settlement” - Current Events

“The sweetest popcorn.” “He sent me an email saying there was no settlement” – Current Events

The first episode of the podcast “Separados de Fresco”, written by Ana García Martins (A Pipoca Mais Doce) and David Cristina, has already been broadcast. A weekly program dedicated to divorce / separation cases.

In this first episode, Ana Garcia Martins talks about the end of her union with Ricardo Martins Pereira, with whom she shares two children. The couple broke up in October, but only in January lived in separate homes.

During this period, both tried to reconcile. “Sometimes it was me who wanted it, other times it was him who wanted it and I didn’t…we were a little lopsided. So now, finally, we were at a point where I was probably more excited about trying, and there was a point where I realized That in the end someone will actually be there. I asked him and he said yes, he wasn’t a friend yet, but he was someone he was meeting“he added.

For this reason, Ana Garcia Martins wanted to move forward with the divorce, but before going to the lawyer, she asked her partner if this was the outcome they both wanted. The former couple now had a long conversation, and Ana Garcia Martins gave Ricardo some time to “think.”

Meanwhile, Ricardo Pereira sent him a letter proposing to take a vacation with Ana Garcia Martins and celebrate these days of rest. “Here the idiot immediately called the travel agency, made an appointment and this was the day I went to the Josh program. […] Must be in the Maldives by now“, He said.

After this moment, they still spent Ricardo Martins’ birthday together, and the following Saturday, they went to a family lunch. “On Sunday, he emailed me that after all he didn’t want any of that anymore and there was no more reconciliation. On Monday I filed for divorce, on Tuesday news started to surface saying he had someone else, and on Saturday or Sunday, he made a video of kissing someone else, and publicly assumed another relationship.“, mentioned.

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What it cost me was not knowing someone else existed, because he had already told me, that’s how it went. I don’t think the process was very nice to me, because I was actually invested in that reconciliation attempt, which was not an attempt at all, it took two or three days, and then things went wrong.‘, she continued.

What hurt me the most was not having another one, was the feeling that this person, who had been my best friend for 12 years and who had a duty to protect me, didn’t. So you are a little rational and think: “Calm down, it was your husband who should have protected you, this person is no longer your husband, he is no longer your best friend, he is someone who went on in her life. , who has someone else, is rebuilding her life, so he no longer feels this obligation to take any responsibility towards you,” he said.

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