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The story of Alexandra Lyncaster's daughter when she found herself helpless in the face of her mother's illness: "A very strong woman I love so much" - National

The story of Alexandra Lyncaster’s daughter when she found herself helpless in the face of her mother’s illness: “A very strong woman I love so much” – National

The new coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in one way or another, But especially for those who had to struggle remotely with family members in the hospital, Without being able to follow the process closely.

Margarida Packer, daughter of Alexandra Linkaster and Pete Heine Packer, She spoke to TV Guia about the mother being hospitalized, With covid-19 and the nervousness he felt: “It was very difficult. He was terribly incapacitated. Even more, I could only contact you at a certain point in time.”“I’m really sorry, but the nerves were the nerves, and suddenly the little kids are monsters,” she says, admitting her regret that she once shouted at a nurse.

The actress, who is currently on the SIC series “Omar’s Things,” admitted that she was afraid of the consequences, especially at the level of the brain: “We were very afraid that the disease would affect the memory, but that didn’t happen,” she said. “She is a tough guy, a very strong woman and I admire her very much. “

In addition to the SIC TV series, Margarida Packer also plays “The Night of the Beginning”., Based on John Cassavetes’ movie, shown in Teatro da Trindade, after being unemployed for nearly a year.

In the play, Margarida plays opposing names like Delilah Carmo and Haitor Lourenço, and in support of her daughter, Alexandra Linkaster attended the first session, On April 22.

Read the full story in this week’s issue of TV Guia, already on newsstands.

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