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The sports title party is already "in the making" - Sporting

The sports title party is already “in the making” – Sporting

Joao Paulo Rebelo revealed that there were meetings at that moment

Joao Paulo Rebelo confirmed Thursday that preparatory meetings are already underway for the eventual Sporting Lisbon title ceremony. According to the opinion of the Minister of State for Youth and Sports, this is the correct path that must be followed to prevent the emergence of celebration phenomena without preparation, and the leader clarifies that at this stage it is possible to effectively move towards this type of participation.

“Preparations are underway. I spoke this week with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to understand how things are going. Today’s meeting is taking place between Lisbon City Council, the potential winner of the tournament and the security forces. It is much better to have something prepared than to allow celebratory phenomena to appear, because we know it will be difficult.” Very neutralizing and preventing this appearance. It is better to frame this and achieve it in the best conditions. On April 25 as on Labor Day, it is possible to gather more people we have recently become accustomed to, always safely. This is essential, “the government official said, during a visit to Ball City Football, as he accompanied the qualifiers for FPF Masters eFootball, the country’s largest virtual football competition.

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