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The SP is promoting D-Day for influenza vaccination this Saturday 15th

The SP is promoting D-Day for influenza vaccination this Saturday 15th

The Victory Day of the influenza virus vaccination is held on Saturday (15) in the capital, Sao Paulo. Immunization continues until 5 pm, exclusively in schools that are already part of the structure of the campaign that began on April 12th.

Teams of 468 UBSs will be present in schools to help regulate and administer dosing. The Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) has created this different network of functions to avoid clustering and conflict with covid-19 vaccination.

In the first month of the campaign, 622,611 people were vaccinated, and it is estimated that at least 4.7 million people will receive the vaccine by July 9, the date scheduled for the end of the campaign.

In 2021, due to the pandemic, influenza vaccination has reversed priority groups. The campaign has been divided into different phases. The first targeted children from 6 months to less than 6 years, pregnant women and newborn mothers (postpartum women), indigenous peoples and health workers.

All health professionals with evidence of performance or function in the sector may receive prevention. You only need to present an identity document and class board, as well as the vaccination card and / and SUS card.

The second phase, which started on Tuesday (11), includes elderly people aged 60 years and over and teachers from public and private schools.

Beginning June 9, Phase 3 of the influenza campaign will serve people with chronic noncommunicable diseases and other special clinical conditions, those with permanent disabilities, workers in the security and rescue and armed forces, public land transport commuter workers, truck drivers, port workers, prison system personnel, and teenagers. And young people, from 12 to 21 years old, under social and educational measures and the population deprived of their freedom.

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Update the checking account book

During D-Day, it will also be possible for eligible group members to update the Immunization Handbook.

The influenza vaccine can be applied simultaneously with any other PNI vaccine, except for that applied against covid-19.

Since the start of the campaign, 52,311 vaccination cards for children have been updated in São Paulo.


Influenza vaccination is very important to reduce complications and deaths from influenza virus infection, facilitate differential diagnosis between Covid-19 and other respiratory diseases, avoid hospitalization and increase the burden on the health system. For now, the priority should be given to vaccination against the Coronavirus.

The SMS warns that people with covid-19 or who have been discharged from hospital less than 28 days ago will not be able to get a flu vaccine at this time.

Application will also be delayed if vaccination against covid-19 occurs less than 15 days before or if the second dose is scheduled within the next 15 days.

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