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The number of UK consumers increased by 88% as the store reopened after the lockdown

The number of UK consumers increased by 88% as the store reopened after the lockdown

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The sixth week of the Brazilian song starts roughly today

The sixth week of the Brazilian song begins on Monday (19), with the role of mirroring and spreading the Brazilian song, this time on digital platforms, covering a much wider audience. Since its first edition, in 2007, the event has been held at the tourist resort of São Luiz do Paraitinga (SP). This year, due to the ongoing social isolation, its events are taking place in digital form, on the YouTube channel. In the program, sponsored by singer Susanna Salles, there will be concerts by artists and bands representing the national scene, as well as the city that inspires the project, São Luiz de Paraitenga, as well as workshops and a competitive composition festival. Confirmed names include Céu, Liniker, Anelis Assumpção, and Zé Ibarra. This event is made possible thanks to resources from Aldir Blanc Act, through the São Paulo State Government’s Cultural Action Program, and with support from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM). With all the programs happening over the Internet, the performances will have two modes: recorded shows and live with music conversations. In life, artists will be able, in addition to singing and playing live parts of their songs, to talk to the public about their work, or even about new trends in Brazilian music. During the conversation, three songs pre-recorded by the artists and edited by the production team will be featured. Both styles will be broadcast on the event’s YouTube channel, with free access. In addition to the national projection names, the following teams invited from São Luiz do Paraitinga will participate: Los Cunhados, Quar’de Mata, Estrambelhados and Despirocadas. Workshops will be held through the Zoom stand upon registration through the event site, always between 3 PM and 5 PM. On Monday (19), the workshop titled “Learn to Sing with Folk Song”, with Regina Machado, professor of graduate and postgraduate studies in music at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp). In the twentieth, the workshop “Folk Song in the Twenty-first Century, Traditions, Editing and Resignations”, presented by the composer and Doctor in Musical Creativity by the Faculty of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP) Sergio Molina, takes place. And on the 21st, the workshop was “Folk Song of Oral Tradition in Brazil” with Carlos Sandroni, Professor of Ethnomusicology in the Department of Music at Pernambuco Federal University. Registration for the festival was until March 31. After presenting the materials received and evaluated by the jury, 12 finalists were announced, of whom three will be winners and whose songs will be shown on April 21, on the official channel of the event. The organization of the event states, in essence, that the sixth week of Brazilian song is not intended to be a competitive song festival where the jury evaluates the composer’s working group to elect 12 finalists. “In this way it is believed to constantly reveal new trends in Brazilian song,” says the event organizer. According to event coordinator, singer Susanna Salles, the spirit of the event is to show that music is a change. In this bleak scenario, culture appears in all its splendor within each of us. We are our history, our course. I imagine Brazil where every inhabitant carries a little Brazilian inside, with its beautiful and varied nature, music, Portuguese, black and Indian South American puzzles. Unique and individual, without a specific ethnicity or face. Here and now begins the sixth week of the Brazilian song, a reflection of the most powerful folk song in the world, because it is so varied and numerous. We are the Brazilian folk song, it gives us a voice. The greatest meaning of our life, our culture, music transforms us, gives us encouragement, directs us to the limitless, Susanna defines. Programming: 04/19 (Monday) 15 hours: Workshop with Regina Machado: Learn to Sing with Folk Song 4/20 (Tuesday) 15h: Workshop with Sergio Molina: Folk Song in the 21st Century 20h: Show Anelis Assumpção, Curumin sharing (Recorded show) 04/21 (Wednesday) 3 pm: Workshop with Carlos Sandroni: Folk Song of Oral Tradition in Brazil 9 pm: Video presentation of the winning songs of the Festival da Simana da Cansao 4/22 (Thursday) 6 pm: Live – Conversation Musical with Quar’de Mata 9 PM: Live Music Chat with Liniker 4/23 (Friday) 8 PM: Show Céu (Recorded Show) 9 PM: Live – Musical Chat with Estrambelhados 4/24 (Saturday) 3 PM: Live – Chat Musical with Desperocadas 6 PM: Live Conversation – Musical with Los Cunhados 9:00 PM: Show Zé Ibarra (Recorded Show) 4/25 (Sunday) 6:00 PM: Re-watch shows and songs recorded by the participants in life

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