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The Minister of State for Tourism is making a positive evaluation of the opening of the sector

The Minister of State for Tourism is making a positive evaluation of the opening of the sector

“For the first day, the balance was positive,” Rita Marquez told Lusa before the start of the Madrid International Tourism Fair (Vitor).

The Portuguese government official explained that she had received “several statements” indicating that “the manner in which they were received and the bureaucracy that they had to face the tourists who began arriving by plane to Portugal on Monday” were “handled well.”

On Monday, 17 flights are expected at Faro Airport, carrying 5,500 passengers from the United Kingdom, on the first day that the British will be able to travel to Portugal without the need for quarantine upon their return.

Rita Marquez hopes to continue to “care” that tourists feel “safe” against the Coronavirus, and to be provided with an “experience of excellence” during their time in Portugal.

The Minister of State for Tourism said that in 2021 the sector will be able to grow by 30% compared to last year, and that in 2023 it will reach billing levels before the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have reason to expect growth [este ano] Rita Marquez, who also called for “caution with this ambition”: 30% over last year, said, stressing the importance of maintaining the vaccination plan against the epidemic.

And he considered that the continued opening of more tourism markets and the supply provided by national businessmen are essential factors to achieve these goals.

Rita Marquez said Portugal is progressing in opening the sector, but it is a “temporary advantage” that will end once the epidemic situation reaches stability in Portugal’s competing markets, such as Spanish, Greek or Turkish.

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The official in charge of the tourism sector stressed that “we must continue to show that we are a competitive destination.”

Lisbon estimates that in 2020 there was a 60% decrease in the tourism sector, which received assistance of about 2.6 billion euros during the epidemic, not counting the support for employment contracts.

Rita Marquez also commended Portugal for attending the Vitor, one of the largest international exhibitions in the sector and the event taking place in Spain, which is one of the largest markets for tourists visiting the country.

Organizers announced that the Madrid International Tourism Fair (Vitor) is expected to receive 100,000 visitors from 60 countries from Wednesday to Sunday, from May 19 to 23.

Although the number of visitors has decreased compared to previous years, this will be the first major world fair to be held in person, as the epidemic is more controlled, and will mark a turning point for re-launching tourism in a safe way, he says. the organization.

Vitor announced that “the expected participation of about 50 thousand local and international professionals, from Wednesday to Friday, while another 50 thousand people are expected to attend when the event opens to the public at the end of the week.”

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