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The Minister of Health said that the purple wave measurements did not have the expected effect in the south of MG |  Southern Minas

The Minister of Health said that the purple wave measurements did not have the expected effect in the south of MG | Southern Minas

The Minister of State for Health of Minas Gerais, Fabio Paceretti, said in an exclusive interview with EPTV Sul de Minas, subsidiary of Rede GloboThis Wednesday (26), southern Minas Gerais is one of the regions of most concern at the current moment of the epidemic. According to the minister, the purple wave implemented by the government did not have many impacts in the region compared to others in the state. (Check out the full interview in the video above)

  • The study indicates the daily average recording of new cases of Covid-19 in southern Minas Gerais
  • The state confirms 55 more deaths and 2,237 new cases of Covid-19 in southern Minas Gerais

“The southern region behaved differently from other areas of the state during this moment of the second wave. After the more restrictive measures, of the purple wave, almost the entire state saw a very large drop in the number of patients waiting for beds from the central district. There was no such major decrease. In the southern region, the number of patients has remained almost constant and now the small increase was enough for us to arrive with beds with very high functions.So the southern region worried us, the need to work in the area, the smaller areas much faster, move patients from one area to another and use other areas. Now, the minister said.

“The spread of the virus has a lot to do with the behavior of the population. The smaller the sanitary measures, the use of the mask, the social distance and clusters, the smaller the moments of restriction and distance, the greater the circulation of the virus. So the areas that were able to get a more important and more effective examination, this virus tends To spread less.At the time of the purple wave, there were some areas like Norte de Minas and Vale do Aço, we had a sudden drop and he said that the southern region did not have this. The new cases in the southern region are related to this behavior. This is the transmission of the virus between people. ”

Minas Gerais Minister of Health stated that the purple wave meters did not have the expected effect in MG south – Image: EPTV Reproduction

The minister also highlighted the potential for more restrictive measures, such as the purple wave, to return if the situation does not improve.

“We have visited, a task force in the Triangle, in the Uberaba region, Itorama, and we are also planning for these technical visits in the southern region, but our regional offices are holding periodic discussions, so that we can try prevention measures so that we do not reach a time that gets worse and we have to adopt more restrictive measures. Like a purple wave, “the minister said.

Fabio Backeretti also said that in the coming weeks, priority vaccination kits should include the homeless, detainees and teachers.

“The following priority groups should be expanded this week in the state, knowing that the group of comorbidities is a difficult category to reach, due to the need to prove diseases and this makes municipalities face difficulty in vaccinating this group of the population, because many do not do so. “You have this condition to prove that they have the disease, and therefore there will be this expansion of the next priority groups, the homeless are a priority group now, the people deprived of their freedom and the teachers.”

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