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The millions Mourinho raised in England alone ... damage

The millions Mourinho raised in England alone … damage

to me Despite the controversy surrounding the European Premier League, Jose Mourinho’s sacking from Tottenham’s technical leadership is also a sign of European football news. The Portuguese coach did not resist the poor results of Tottenham and was sent off by the board led by Daniel Levy. However, Mourinho does not leave Tottenham free. Quite the opposite. Terminating a contract that lasted another two years would cost Spurs dearly. More precisely, 15 million pounds. But this is not an unprecedented situation for Mourinho.

Over the past few years, the 58-year-old Portuguese coach has become an inevitable figure in English football for the titles he won and … for his compensation. Mourinho was expelled from the three clubs he had coached so far in His Majesty’s Land. At Chelsea, that happened twice. Let’s get to the chronology of the facts (and math, too).

In 2007, it was the time of Mourinho’s first visit to the Romanian Stamford Bridge Abramovi had to pay around 26 million euros to sack the Portuguese coach.

Years later, and more specifically in 2015, Mourinho was once again sacked from Chelsea, but this time his compensation was reduced: About nine million euros only. All in all, Chelsea paid a sum 35 million euros for Mourinho alone … in compensation.

The London Blues weren’t the only ones who paid money to get Mourinho out of the technical leadership. More recently, at the end of 2018, Manchester United also chose the Portuguese coach not to continue at the helm and reached an agreement to end the current contract. The Red Devils paid a total of 22.7 million euros to Mourinho and the rest of the technical team, as shown in the report and accounts of the English club.

Finally, in 2021, Mourinho saw his mission in Tottenham forcibly removed 17 months later. Tottenham has not disclosed the amount of compensation in question, however The value will surpass 17 million euros in the English press, not least because there is still a two-year contract in place.

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Overall, and with Tottenham’s confirmed compensation amount, Mourinho has spent more than € 74 million in compensation over the years in English football alone.

Mourinho does not want comfort

Anyone who thinks Mourinho will move away from football over the next few months is sadly mistaken. The Portuguese coach did not mention comments after the sacking of Tottenham, but he left a guarantee: You don’t need time to rest and recharge.

It remains to be seen what next destination for the 58-year-old Portuguese coach known in His Majesty’s lands, Special One.

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