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“The farmer is looking for a wife” 8. Meet the participants of the new version of the project (photos)

It’s no secret The farmer is looking for a wife Enjoys considerable popularity in Poland. Viewers of the show are eager to follow the fate of its participants, even after the broadcast is over. For farmers, participating in the show is not only a chance to discover the second half of their dream, but also a chance to appear in the media – and what is known from the previous edition is a prime example of this Pave Botsiani and Marta Baskin.

He made his TV debut last Sunday 8th ed The farmer is looking for a wife. For the first time, fans of the show were able to see the business cards of farmers and female farmers looking for love. Now it all depends on who is finally coming to the eighth edition, which will be recorded in the summer and aired in the fall. So far, eight participants have been shown, Including two women.

One of the farmers we can follow in this project 26-year-old Stanislaw – Owner of a magnificent farm covering an area of ​​300 hectares. Stanislaw has been involved in the past, but unfortunately the marriage did not happen in the end. In his spare time, the farmer is very interested in aviation. From a potential partner, he did not expect help on the farm, but maturity and determination. As he promised, he could have a relationship with a woman after divorce, but he prefers women more “Blank board”.


Maybe we’ll look at the rules in the plan as well Elizabeth. The 56-year-old runs an organic strawberry garden and is the mother of three. The woman has two failed marriages and is taking new relationships very seriously. The farmer looks on “Tall, Grizzly Gentleman”It will keep her happy and safe. She dreams of a relationship based on mutual respect and friendship.

& Nbsps’ second, Camila, 28, Already managed to attract the attention of the audience of the project – & nbspsome even praised him “The most beautiful participant of all editions”. Camila is an accounting graduate, However, he is also professionally involved in mushroom cultivation. Her biggest dream is to start a family. The woman is determined and organized, loves to travel and dance, and is optimistic about life. Her dream boyfriend is an old yellow man with an honest smile.

Another potential participant 33-year-old Magiz. In the past, the man was a military man, but he gave up his life in favor of breeding cows and birds – peacocks, pigeons and predators. The farmer owns two unions and is the father of five-year-old Victor. I am looking for an honest, humble and faithful bride, No tattoos.

I decided to try it on & nbspprogramie 55-year-old Chrysstof. A farmer living in Mussoorie runs an agricultural farm raising beef cattle. Krzysztof is divorced with three children and is seriously lonely. He dreams of an honest, sincere woman with a good heart, without addiction. Faith is an important issue for a farmer, as well as Christoph “Sensitivity to female forms”. The farmer loves outdoor activities – loves to travel by boat, fish and sea in the winter.

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We can watch the show again Emil, 31, Who fought in support of Magda in the previous edition. The participant was interested in agriculture from an early age. On the farm, he breeds cows and runs a bee farm. After hours, he enjoys riding motorcycles and roller skates and playing and singing in a folk band. Emil He is divorced He wants to find a woman who can start a family.

He also has the opportunity to fight in the air for love 37-year-old Łukasz. The farmer was once the second largest wrestler in Poland. Today he fulfills himself as a rancher and producer of cold meats. Ukasz divorced his wife a few years ago, and the man is also a father 10-year-old daughter, Jakota. Today he feels ready for a new relationship. He is looking for an honest woman with a sense of humor. As he insisted, He was not interested in the past of a potential partner.

Meet the participants in the 8th edition The farmer is looking for a wife. Would that be interesting?