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The Efacec Buyer Candidate welcomes refugees and awards scholarships to Roma Children - Education

The Efacec Buyer Candidate welcomes refugees and awards scholarships to Roma Children – Education

Candidate to acquire 71.73% of the Efacec company that has been nationalized by the Portuguese state, DST employs about two thousand people, who come from different geographical regions and cultural worlds, as a group betting on integration and diversity.

In addition to homes with workers from Timor, Sao Tome, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola and Roma, the group employs more than 70 workers in the national territory from countries as diverse as the Congo, Syria, Pakistan, Mali and Sierra Leone. Or Brazil, Guinea or Spain, and many other countries in geographic regions such as France and the United Kingdom.

More: Last April, it joined 11 young refugee trainees, located in a residential house that includes specialized accommodation for unaccompanied foreign children and youth, as part of the pilot program for developing professional skills, within the scope of the humanitarian challenge. ”To provide a dignified, safe reception and well-being and enhance their independence through School and professional integration. “

On Wednesday, May 26, the group’s construction company was awarded the OBCIG Enterprises Integrator Award, an initiative established by the Roma Communities Observatory in 2019 to identify companies that play an important role in the employment integration of Roma people.

In a ceremony attended by the Minister of State for Integration and Immigration, Claudia Pereira, the company also signed three protocols with the High Commissioner for Immigration and Representative Associations of the Roma People, according to which it will allocate a global sum of 9,450 euros, to award scholarships to children and young people attending the third stage of basic or secondary education In the national territory within the scope of the ROMA Educa Program.

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“The signing of the Protocols with Sílaba Dinâmica – Intercultural Association, Associação Social Recreativa Cultural Cigana de Coimbra and Associação Colossal Costume, is thus the response of the STD, which, in this way, is ready to support the studies of Romani children, especially for candidates who have not been admitted to the ROMA Program. Educa, who has awarded 120 scholarships without regard, within the scope of available funding, 322 candidates, even if they meet the accessibility requirements expected in the respective list, ”explains the group from Braga in a statement.

It explains that each association will receive financial support in the amount of 3,150 euros, which will allow it to award seven scholarships of 50 euros per month, during the academic year, to Roma students in the Braga region, with the responsibility of the institutions to administer grants and monitor the path and performance of the grantees.

“With this support, DST will train 21 children and young people, and thus comply with the DST Group’s social responsibility policy towards society,” confirms the business world led by José Teixeira.