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The creation of an Epidemiological Health Advisory Board goes back to the room - Senado Notícias

The creation of an Epidemiological Health Advisory Board goes back to the room – Senado Notícias

The Senate on Wednesday (5) approved the Bill (PL) 1.169/2021, Which is setting up a health advisory board to assist the government in deciding on handling the COVID-19 pandemic. The text was approved, by Senator Ruz de Freitas (MDB-ES), in an alternate form (alt text) prepared by the rapporteur, Senator Confúcio Moura (MDB-RO), and will now be analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies.

Text changes file Mine Who deals with anti-Coronavirus measures such as isolation, quarantine and compulsory vaccination. Currently, by law, these measures must be taken on the basis of scientific evidence and an analysis of strategic health information. The alternative, as in the original PL, provides for the consultation of “specialized collective bodies” and decides that the executive will organize the creation of a health advisory board to issue technical opinions on the pandemic.

According to Ros de Freitas, political decisions made without following the requirements of the law are at risk and can lead to appeal, revocation, and accountability for the agents and politicians involved. For her, decisions to control any pandemic must have specialized scientific support and cannot be made on the basis of political disputes.

– This project is important and I am sure it will help Brazil do something the country often avoids: planning mainly in the area of ​​public health, which is what matters to the population a lot – the senator said.

The rapporteur, Senator Confucio Mora, indicated that many false information about the Coronavirus and disease control measures have been published. For him, this distortion of scientific information through False newsIn addition to influencing population acceptance and adherence to health measures, it can also influence the decisions of health authorities.

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Scientific advice is not to compete with anyone or anything, it is just a guide, and present a direction to take, so that we do not talk here and there. It is science, it is science. The rapporteur, who thanked the contributions of the various senators who had submitted amendments to the text, said it was not a science, it was not a science.

Among the proposals accepted, in whole or in part, are the amendments of Senators Paolo Baem (PT-RS), Humberto Costa (PT-PE), Rogério Carvalho (PT-SE), Izalci Lucas (PSDB-DF), Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-) SP), Mecias de Jesus (Republicanos-RR), Alessandro Vieira (Cidadania-SE), Zequinha Marinho (PSC-PA), and Veneziano Vital do Rêgo (PSB-PB).


In accordance with the approved text, the council will meet periodically and will be composed of health professionals, scientists, researchers, and representatives of the National Health Council (CNS), indigenous peoples, civil society, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health Sciences and Technology, and health departments of the states, the Federal District and municipalities.

Undergraduate members must be recognized for work in their areas of expertise and with well-known knowledge in the health field. The performance will be considered a relevant public service and will not be paid. In addition to the members, the House will also have observers: members of the National Council of Justice and the National Council of the Attorney General’s Office, as well as majority and minority leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives.

The recommendations of the advisory board must be published and published on the website of the Ministry of Health and in the Federal Official Gazette. Activities may not overlap or replace the duties of the National Council for Health Security, the National Council of Health Trustees (Konas) and the National Council. Municipal Health Secretariat Council (Conasems).

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