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The big white shark is likely to arrive in Europe this summer

The big white shark is likely to arrive in Europe this summer

Scientists point out that a large white shark is likely to arrive in Europe this summer. This may seem like a distant hypothesis, but it is not unprecedented.

Swim the wrong way ”, Says Bob Hooter, chief scientist at OCEARCH.

Weighing in at 1,600 kilograms and measuring 5.2 meters, Nukumi became the second largest white shark to cross the entire Atlantic Ocean.

It is currently very close to the United Kingdom and if it does not return, it could move towards the Azores or the Mediterranean.

The shark’s habitat is usually the west coast of the United States and Canada, but the unusual behavior of the 50 – year – old matrix Nukumi swam east, eventually crossing the Atlantic.

He has been swimming east for about two months since he left the U.S. coast in the state of North Carolina. ”, The chief scientist clarifies.

It is rare for these migratory species to cross the Mesoatlantic Dorsal Chain, an underwater mountain range, but Nukumi did so and continued to swim toward Europe.

At this point in its path, Nukumi has already split between the West and the East via the Meso – Atlantic Dorsal Chain from the West Atlantic to the East Atlantic. ”, Explains Bob Hooter of OCEARCH.

It happened at the same time that a large white shark appeared on the old continent, In 2014, Lydia, a 4.4-meter woman, appeared on a Portuguese beach and surprised scientists.

Nukumi’s journey has been going on for more than two months. It was found less than 3,200 kilometers off the British coast and scientists guarantee it “May have come to England”.

She is able to reach the coast of the United Kingdom. But, since white sharks are rare in the UK, we could not have predicted that it would happen. If she doesn’t go back, she can go to places like the East Atlantic Islands or coastal areas such as the Azores. Or, perhaps, it is moving in the direction of opening into the Mediterranean Sea because there are white sharks in this region.”Concludes Bob Hooter.

The scientific community believes that this white shark may have created this unusual path because it is pregnant, seeks still water and is without male specimens.

OCEARCH is the largest white shark in the Northwest Atlantic marked with a geolocation. Scientists believe the animal is about 50 years old because of the large scars it inflicts.

The model left the North Carolina coast of the United States on February 22, and has traveled more than 10,000 kilometers since it was marked.

The 50-year-old Matric crossed the Mesoatlantic dorsal chain on April 5 and has been located several times since.

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